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Design Upload Instructions --
TITO Tickets & PVC Card Artwork Specifications & Templates

TITO Tickets

PVC Cards

1. Review IGT Easy-Pay TITO Ticket Specification

Our design template is based on the IGT specification. All templates are created in Adobe CS5.

2. Get Inspired

Explore our library of sample artwork. Our photo quality presses allow precise one, two and four image repeat TITO Ticket Packs.

3. Download Review

If you use Cummins Bill Sorters, Download the Cummins Template in the design software you prefer. For all other back-end processing equipment, choose a program from, All Others.

1. Standard PVC Card
Design Template

Design template based on standard CR-80 3.375" x 2.125"

2. Get Inspired

Explore our library of sample artwork. Our photo quality presses produce a wide variety of PVC Cards.

3. Download Review

When Uploading your design files, please use Adobe Illustrator

4. Upload Your Files

When your designs are complete, return to the Design Portal at and login. Select UPLOAD to send your zipped Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop files to our Ticket Team.


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